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Wine Bar Code Button Issue Resolved, Other News

With many thanks to Ed

Sadowski, who helped narrow the specific problem down, we have pushed a server update that resolves the issue that was causing the bar code scanning button to go AWOL for some users. The issue turned out to only affect users who had entered Twitter credentials, and it would only happen upon a restart of the application when the Cor.kz dynamic menus had not changed. In hindsight, it was a gap in our testing process, and I’m sorry about that. It’s been a busy week for us — in addition to the release of version 2.2, we’ve also moved to a newer, faster server and done a ton of housekeeping work. There have been a few glitches (our apologies if you tried to subscribe to blog comments and got an error message — fixed now!), but on the whole for such a huge week, it’s gone fairly well. We’ve also squeezed out some more performance in applications startup — Twitter users used to see an average of a 300ms delay during statup while we validated the account, and we now do that in parallel with other startup functions. We’re working on even more cool stuff for the next application update, and of course we continue to make refinements on the back end, which benefit all of our users without requiring an update to the phone application.